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Auto AC, Heater, Cooling SystemOne perk of having a newer car and not living in the ’60s is that every vehicle comes equipped with heating and Auto AC. This is fantastic since we do not have to worry about being cold in the winters or too hot in the summers, right? Now, what if your AC system isn’t working? There is no point in driving around uncomfortable, so do yourself a favor and bring your car to Skiles Automotive Service experts and have your AC looked at.

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You will start to notice when your car’s AC is not heating or cooling as efficiently or effectively as it did in the past. This is a good sign you would need to bring your car in for an AC service. A car’s AC system is comprised of a compressor, a condenser, a fan, belts and hoses, and a refrigerant. The majority of the time, when a car’s AC system is not blowing as hot or cool as it should, then it is due for a simple recharge. This gives the system fresh, clean refrigerant gas to be cooled or heated to your liking. If the AC recharge doesn’t work or your AC stops blowing air completely, then it may be time for an AC repair. We do both.

Auto AC & Heater Repair Bremen IN

It is never a good sign when it is a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, and you get in your car, fiddle with the switches and buttons, turn on your car’s AC, and nothing comes out. Now you are uncomfortable, and that is no good. Bring your vehicle into Skiles Automotive Service right away so we can help you get comfortable again no matter what time of year it is. When a simple AC recharge doesn’t fix the problem, our certified technicians put their skills to work and determine the issue right away. Trust in the Skiles Automotive Service experts to get your car’s AC up and running and you back to driving comfortably as soon as possible.

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