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Check Engine Light / DiagnosticsAt Skiles Automotive Service, we have an impeccable track record of identifying a problem and then finding the solution. Here is a little secret, we don’t do it alone. We need a little help from you, the car owner, and the vehicle itself. What do we mean by this? You know your car better than anyone else, so you will be the first to notice anything weird going on or if your vehicle is not performing as it should. If anything like that happens, it may be time to bring it in and get an inspection done. There is no better check engine light Bremen expert, than us!

Check Engine Light Bremen IN

Your check engine light is your and the mechanic working on your car’s best friend when it comes to figuring out what is wrong. Your check engine light is your car’s way of saying, “Hey, something is not right. I need some help.” You mustn’t ignore your check engine light. Doing so could lead to costly problems down the line. Technicians love check engine lights because it gives them a good starting point. Now, the check engine light does not tell you what exactly is wrong, but it points the tech in the right direction. They then use their knowledge and training to figure out the problem and recommend the fix. Most of the time, we start with an engine diagnostic.

Engine Diagnostics Bremen IN

What exactly does an engine diagnostic entail? Like we said before, the check engine light does not tell us what exactly is wrong, but it points us in the right direction. A diagnostic is performed to determine what that problem is, and then we go from there. For example, if your check engine light comes on and you bring the car in, one of our skilled technicians will hook your car up to a diagnostic machine, telling them what the code is that coincides with the issue. The code was an EVAP system leak, and the diagnostic process would consist of figuring out that code and running a smoke test to see where the leak is coming from. Once located, the proper fix would be recommended, whether replacing a part, a hose, or even a gas cap. This is just one example of a diagnostic, but what we can assure you will happen is that no work will be done without you approving it first. We believe in being honest and upfront about any repairs.

Check Engine Light Near Me

If your check engine light is on or your car is just not running right, bring it into Skiles Automotive Service in Bremen, IN today for a diagnostic to get the ball rolling.

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